Temcoat™ Primer & Temcoat™ 3000 Primer


A protective layer of Temcoat on a pipe
Temcoat provides a highly robust protective coating that is made even more effective with the addition of Wax-Tape.

Temcoat™/Temcoat™ 3000 is a high-temperature microcrystalline wax-based coating compound that will not melt and can be applied at ambient temperatures up to 230°F They do not require a primer or curing time and are easily applied by hand. Temcoat 3000 is designed to maintain spreadability at lower temperatures.

End Use

Temcoat and Temcoat 3000 are used as an anticorrosion compound for aboveground and belowground surfaces. They can be used as a cold-applied coating with a wrapper or as a priming paste with Wax-Tapes®. Because of their paste-like consistency over a wide temperature range, they are an excellent material for filling voids. They can be used for straight pipe, irregular fittings and flat surfaces.

Application Procedures

Wire brush and wipe the surface clean of any loose coating, rust, scale and foreign matter. Then apply Temcoat by hand directly to the surface. At higher temperatures Temcoat can be applied by brush. On wet surfaces rub and press firmly to displace moisture and ensure adhesion. For belowground applications to protect Temcoat from mechanical abrasion, overwrap with Poly-Ply™, Guard-Wrap™, # 1 Wax-Tape® or #2 Wax-Tape®. For aboveground applications, overwrap with #2 Wax-Tape.


3-gallon pails (approx. 24 lb/pail)
1-gallon can (4 gallons/case)
32 lb/case


Temcoat Temcoat 3000
Color Brown Brown
Pour point non-melting non-melting
Flash point 350°F minimum 350°F minimum
Dielectric strength 100 volts per mil 100 volts per mil
Application temperature 32°-200°F 0°-230°F


  • Withstands high ambient temperatures
  • Goes on easily by hand
  • No primer required
  • No waiting for drying or curing
  • Nonhazardous, no VOCs
  • Minimal surface preparation
  • Can be applied to wet pipe